We provide Facebook advertising services in Bangladesh to reach the right target people for promoting business organizations, fan pages, products, causes or anything. Facebook strives to show relevant and effective advertisements. Here are the facts about Facebook advertising:

  • Ads can appear in the right-hand column of pages throughout Facebook. Ads are eligible to appear on many types of pages, including apps, photos, groups, pages, profiles, and the home page.
  • The content of a Facebook Advertising is sometimes paired with news about social actions (e.g., liking a page) that your friends have taken.
  • Your friends might see news about the social actions you have taken in Facebook Ads. This news will only be shown to your confirmed friends, and will adhere to applicable privacy settings you’ve set for your account. If a photo is used, it is your profile photo and not from your photo albums.
  • Facebook doesn’t sell your information to advertisers.
  • Facebook actively enforces policies that help protect your experience with third party applications and ad networks.


  • Potential reach people in Bangladesh is 14,000,000 and counting
  • Target customers demographically, geographically & even psychology
  • Set photo and text-based ads and use what works
  • Include tag i.e business and industry, entertainment, food and drinks, shopping and fashion etc.
  • Set the daily budget you are comfortable with
  • Adjust your daily budget at any time
  • And so many options to customize your ad to reach the right persons


Start your Facebook advertising from minimum 1000 tk. for 5 days. Further advertising cost depends on the number of clicks, reach, likes etc. the ad receives. We follow the most convenient ad pricing model for better understanding and providing services by a reasonable costing. No service set up cost or hidden charge! It is 100 tk. per US Dollar you spend for any advertising. Number of like, click, reach etc. will depend on the budget you want to spend per day. The larger your budget, the  more people a campaign is likely to reach. Facebook does not offer any package for it’s ad service and we don’t as well. Campaign report will produce and send through email if required with details including costs, reach people or the number of like.


  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your Page
  • Send people to your website
  • Increase conversions on your website
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get video views


Please send following information

  • Headline (title) – maximum 25 characters including spaces to show in right column ads only
  • Body text/ad details – maximum 90 characters including spaces
  • Fan page/group page/website address
  • 1200 x 444 pixels size image – you can send any size image, we will resize as it requires
  • Target location (e.g. Bangladesh or specific district etc.)
  • Age limit (e.g. 13-64 or no limit etc.)
  • Gender (e.g. all, only men or only women)
  • Set interest (e.g. fashion, jewellery, food, mobile phone etc.)

Your advertisement will be appearing on Facebook after the payment. All advertisement processes usually takes maximum 24 hours to publish.

Facebook advertising can yield good return on investment, but for more reach, there are few things we always set up while starting the add.