Hotel Management Software

Easy to use, accessible anywhere, and doesn’t require expensive servers or a lengthy set-up

Hotel Management System Key Features
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Automation Hotel Management Software

Omax helps track and manage reservations. In one glance, Omax tells you whos staying, in which room, and when.

Want to know more about your customers? We help track that too. Find out who your best customers are, and build better relationships with them.

Now it’s easy to adjust and adapt your hotel prices throughout the week or even through the day, with extraordinary flexibility. You’ll not only get more bookings with our hotel reservation system, you’ll also be able to make the most of high demand periods.

Our Tariff Matrix module gives you real control over all your prices, as far into the future as you like. You can change a tariff at any time, without effecting existing bookings or prices for other days of the week. For example, you can set different prices for different days or the week – and you could, for example, increase prices through the day as more rooms are sold.

  • Dynamic Pricing- Allows you to set up sophisticated rules to vary prices, for example depending on how many rooms are already booked
  • Remote Control- Control reservations and prices remotely using HE-Remote
  • Multiple booking types- Single, group, block, quick book
  • Color coded drag and drop planner- An at a glance view of bookings showing booking type, booking status, VIPs, no swap, and under utilized rooms
  • Reservation wait list- Make a booking even if a room isn’t available, placing the reservation in a queue
  • Full audit trail- Track changes made to reservation dates, rates or guest details
  • Automated booking confirmations- By email, SMS or letter